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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Painting on Canvas!

This is painted on watercolor canvas which is very different than paper. I'm taking Lenox Wallace's class and she decided we needed to try this. It will push us to use the paint differently too. I usually don't use darks like this and to use such strong pinks- wow!


  1. Your work is beautiful....I love seeing what you do and am so glad I found you. Oh, what a happy day!

  2. Hi Marge
    Your colors seem to be getting stronger and more vivid. I don't know if it's the canvas or just you. But I love it, the pinks are dynamite the flowers float. So thrilled I can come by the art class and see you working on it up close and personal. I so enjoyed visiting your class, with all the paintings of flowers seemed like Spring!

  3. Marge, this is gorgeous! I love the way you shaded the leaves in the bottom right corner. Those dark spots really make the leaves "pop"! Well done!!!

  4. I'm liking the direction the canvas is sending you. Looking so fresh!

  5. Oh I want to learn how to paint on a watercolor canvas. Any tips you can share would be great! I took a watercolor class at a local High School where a watercolor artist showed us how to paint on the watercolor paper. I feel comfortable with the paper, but I am reluctant to try the watercolor canvas for some reason. Did you find it more difficult to work with or not?

    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog post today. Really, those 5 min watercolors are so fun. You would be great at it with your talent.

    Lee Ann

  6. The watercolor canvas reallypushed me! It is different as the colors have to be applied and then left -you can't go over with a glaze or you will just take off the first layer. Then I guess we spray them with a good fixative when finished. It also made me really take more risks with the darks!! I usually do soft light colors, kind of timid at first about the darks!