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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Class- Recycling our Stash with Rosie Kelly

I took a class from Rosie Kelly and we had fun using our stash which I have plenty of- practice papers from previous classes, exercizes in making marks and backgrounds, etc!
The cover in the next photos was something done in Judy Melvin's class (from a long time ago!) and I think it was done with gesso which is the texture. Some of the gestural writing is from Georgia Deaver's class and the watercolor papers were added to on the back to finish the pages. I still have to add more and decide on the words I want to add. This class was awesome and everyone created some beautiful books!
We also made the slender book the first day of the two day class. It helped us try out the inks and get momentum for the larger book.

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  1. your books are wonderful!! don't you just love rosie kelly?!! i've been fortunate to take a workshop with her several years ago....i wish i could have just tucked her in my pocket and brought her home with me!! :))