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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Denis Brown Workshop

I worked backwards here, as this is the critique at the end of the workshop! And the calligraphy piece is his work-you can see how he uses so much pen manipulation to achieve the thicks and thins in his letters!

Denis Brown's Workshop

Denis gave a three day workshop for our Calligraphy Guild. He's working large, standing up in a demo. We all learned so much and enjoyed not only his teaching but his humor too!

Collages from Laura's Workshop

We had very little time to try to finish a collage at the end of the workshop with our newly painted papers. We were given some possible transfers (the dragonfly) to add last. These contain many of the papers which were first "stamped" with polymer (the white circles) and then the acrylic wash was added when that dried.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Collage Workshop at McCord House Gallery

This wonderful paper is from Laura's workshop yesterday. I've taken her class before but since this was so close by I decided to take the day long class. We made wonderful altered and painted papers! I don't remember doing this in her class before. I'll post the collage made with the papers later.
Landscape collage I'm working on -added the fence and gate.