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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Painting on Canvas!

This is painted on watercolor canvas which is very different than paper. I'm taking Lenox Wallace's class and she decided we needed to try this. It will push us to use the paint differently too. I usually don't use darks like this and to use such strong pinks- wow!

Collage Class

I had my Grandmother's log cabin in Arkansas in mind for this and the walk we took to see a huge rock in the creek bed that resembled a door! My sister doesn't remember. It's funny how some things stick in your mind.

Continuing my painting...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Painting

I forgot I wanted this on my artwork blog! I'm getting the two mixed up, oh well! So I loved the sunlight and shadow in this photo from my Sister's new garden shed, so was looking forward to starting the watercolor. Hope I can keep the mood I want throughout the finished piece! Sometimes I finish and seem to think it was better when I first started it so I have to try not to overwork it and keep the center of interest where I want it to be.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Book from the Quotes From the Heart Retreat

The books from this Retreat were all beautiful and even though I didn't get to finish mine, I hope to later. I wanted to give the participants several page designs to start with so they didn't face a blank page so we started off with the ink blowing. Some had never seen this done, and it was the most successful project of the night! The Center is surrounded with oak trees so I thought the ink blowing would fit in nicely.
Then we used pastels on one page and that made it easier to find places to start writing the favorite quotes. After that some used stamps, torn papers etc. to finish their pages. Covers were then added using card stock.

This page has subtle pastels in the scalloped lines with quotes added and the green leaf stamp.

This last page, unfinished will have more of the books added that I liked at the Retreat. The two pages above it have tracing paper with writing overlaid on top of artwork showing through below. I'll add more to finish them also.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Class- Recycling our Stash with Rosie Kelly

I took a class from Rosie Kelly and we had fun using our stash which I have plenty of- practice papers from previous classes, exercizes in making marks and backgrounds, etc!
The cover in the next photos was something done in Judy Melvin's class (from a long time ago!) and I think it was done with gesso which is the texture. Some of the gestural writing is from Georgia Deaver's class and the watercolor papers were added to on the back to finish the pages. I still have to add more and decide on the words I want to add. This class was awesome and everyone created some beautiful books!
We also made the slender book the first day of the two day class. It helped us try out the inks and get momentum for the larger book.

Book from Rosie's class