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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Peter Thornton Workshop

 As always, Peter's workshop was wonderful.  He used the folded pen to letter our names on the cover of our books which hold all our notes and practice pages.

On the first day we worked with HB pencils, drawing upper case letters.  First on the basic "Trajan Capitals" and then on to other variations.  Then using the 2B pencil, we worked on the Pressure and Release style making more practice pages for our books.  It's always nice to put the pages into book form to use as a reference later.
Sunday we moved to the pen and with Peter's fabulous pen work demos, we worked hard to make our letters look like his!  I've shown the M, N etc, done by him.

We ran out of time before we got our pages sewn together, but I'll do that before the time gets away, and hopefully won't put it off.  I have too many unfinished things from workshops.  

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