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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Collages

I took a class at LaGrange with Laura and the collages started with a painted background. This first one is on a wood panel. We applied paint and then put saran wrap on top and mushed it around and lifted it and put it down in another place. This one happened to get some of the dried acrylic paint on it-which are the little flecks.

The dragonfly is on a canvas and about 9 x 9". It was done the same way but I've added the bits of papers to finish it and add interest.

It seemed a little too busy so I added the dark green that kind of grounded it and made the dragonfly stand out as the center of interest. In the photo the green seems a bit brighter than it really is.

The background has some of my gestural

writing papers.

More gestural writing in this one.

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