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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Paint Pouring at Watercolor Class

This painting is done on a half sheet of 130 lb. watercolor paper and was a project we all did together. We were to work large, pick out a flower to paint like Georgia O'Keefe! Some used full sheets of the paper! The first step was to wet the paper, then add a color with a large brush and keep tilting the paper until the wet color was pretty well evaporated. Then start on the center of the flower. Then when almost dry, take your brush and wipe out the places lie around the petals, and add some veins. The shadows and details will be worked on more in the next class.


  1. What a great technique! It's beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous! So nice to see less detail here. Georgia would be proud of these "big" flowers. Colors are dazzling. Wow, you have really loosened up! I love it! I just want to know what colors you used.